Friday, June 1, 2012

The Word on LP Whores (What would you do?)

Today's Word will present a common scenario in Factional Warfare, and ask what you would do.

The scenario:

You're in one of the four militias. It's evening in your timezone, and you take out a frigate sized ship to look for some PVP and plexes.

Your objectives are to get solo fights (because you're either a boss or a loner, or both -- a boner?) and to solo-capture offensive plexes because you want lots of LP to fund your PVP addiction.

You warp into a medium plex in an enemy system and begin to run down the timer. There are two war targets in system, both docked. You can tank the rats without any difficulty. When there is one minute left on the timer, a friendly militia member who has just come into local enters your plex and immediately burns to the timer, where he will be able receive a share of the LP payout.

This has done two things. Firstly, you are no longer solo, so those super-cool 1v1s you wanted are now out the window. But there's only a minute left anyway, so who cares, right? Unfortunately, the "friendly" is also now in a position to snag half of the LP that you just took 14 minutes out of your busy schedule to provide. The timer is ticking down. 40 seconds to go...

So here are your options:

1. Ignore him, take your 50% LP payment, and move along.

2. Ask him politely in local if he would mind letting you get the whole payout for your efforts.

3. Tell him to get the fuck out of your plex.

4. Tell him to get the fuck out of your plex -- and yellow box him.

5. Open fire (assume that you have the ability to win such a fight before the timer ends).

Before you decide, here are some considerations.

- This is not the first time you have had your LP stolen in this manner.

- He may or may not have malicious intent -- maybe he's intending to steal your LP, or maybe he thinks he's helping you.

- He is, from your point of view, a random scrub -- as in someone you don't fly with and haven't seen before, from a corp you haven't heard of.

So, what would you do? Leave your answers in comments!

Personally, I have, in one instance of this, chosen to open fire, resulting in this drama-bomb inducing killmail. In comments also please tell we if I was spot on, possibly over the line, or just a terrible person in general and I should pod myself, and why!



  1. I'd probably not see him due to not having him on my overview and not paying attention and then get all cranky when the plex caps and I only get half..

    then I'd lock him with malicious intent, only to have him warp away to leave the plex and then...

    I'd be grumpy

  2. Warn, yellow box, then red box if he comes in the end of the timer, otherwise thank for the help plexing. :)

    1. I meant to add that this is Eve Online, not Share-a-lot. The wonderful thing is that we can shoot people that annoy us.