Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Word on the Battle For Kamela

Never in my eve career have I been so exhausted.

With Kourmonen effectively secured the previous day, the day before the Inferno patch saw a heavy push by the Minmatar militia into Kamela, the last major Amarrian stronghold.

I logged on in the wake of the drama shit storm caused by the move by blues Drunk and Disorderly to defend the Kamela for the Amarr, the short lived treaty, its inevitable demise, and standing resets all around. Eve was burning.

Excellent. I voted against having those blues in the first place anyway.

It was the last day to take systems with the current amount of VP required, before holding systems would actually give rewards. A pitched battle was inevitable. Shortly after logging in, I joined the push into Kamela. The illustrious SigmaPi took command, and we attacked the plexes. Our standing strategy was to focus on the minor and medium plexes, using thrashers and ruptures, respectively. The day saw a series of bloody fights with huge loss totals on both sides. At one point, it was mentioned that the total kills in Kamela (now the "most dangerous system" in eve) was up over 800 for the day. One fight in particular lasted for 20-30 minutes, in which we fought a combined fleet of Amarr, Gallente, and neutrals. I had time to call targets for 5 minutes in a rupture, die, reship in Kourm to a Vexor, die, and reship once again in time to return for the end of the fight and the Minmatar victory. We held the field against Amarr and their allies, in their home system.

As the night went on, the Amarr appeared to become increasingly desperate, at one point bringing out a cruiser fleet that was nearly half blackbirds. It was an interesting strategy, but by this point, three of us who had run out of ruptures had shipped into faster, stronger, fleet issue Stabbers. Myself, and the other two fleet stabbers were able to track down the blackbirds at range while the main rupture fleet meatshielded long enough at the warpin to give us another victory.

And if all the mindless violence wasn't enough, the night held one last bit of excitement. My alt, the omnipresent Corax Lorn, was watching Kamela station while we were capping a medium plex, ready to report Amarr fleets undocking. Instead, however, a neutral Charon undocked.

And then he warped to an insta.

I had to work quickly.

I immediately swapped to my system view map while aligning down, repositioned my hidden probes around the station, and hit scan. Bingo. I warped to the Charon result while triple W-ing in fleet. As I landed I called the fleet warp-in to my alt, and a moment later I called point. Yeah, that's why I put a scram on my Buzzard.

Unfortunately the freighter was empty, but we assume he was an Amarr alt (this has not yet been confirmed, to my knowledge).

In the end, we had neither the time, nor the pilots still awake to take Kamela, but the push allowed us to secure our key interests across the rest of the warzone.

Oh yeah and a bunch of ships exploded.

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