Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Word on The State of FW

Today's word will provide an in-depth analysis of the successes and failures of the Factional Warfare changes in the Inferno expansion. A couple weeks in, we're beginning to see some significant trends forming, and I'll be providing an analysis of several of them. I'll provide a list a pros an cons, and there will be an interview with CSM member Hans Jagerblitzen, for his personal thoughts.


Nah, fuck that...

I've been involved in a LOT of discussion about FW lately, and I'm ready to just sit back and play the game. Time to do what I can with the current landscape we've got to work with. What a concept, eh?

So, on that note I will leave you with a story I wrote last night in local with my alt for Muad 'dib.

Corax Lorn > so this one time
Corax Lorn > there was a frog
Corax Lorn > and he sat on a log
Corax Lorn > but he was like "fuck this shit, I'm tired of sitting on this log in a bog"
Corax Lorn > so he jumped off the log and swam through the bog

Corax Lorn > and came out on a road
Corax Lorn > it was a narrow dirt road through the woods
Corax Lorn > and he began to hop across

Corax Lorn > and then he got run over by a bus full of chinese tourists
Corax Lorn > the end

Muad 'dib > whats the morral
Corax Lorn > stick to your log
Corax Lorn > and also
Corax Lorn > chinese tourists are bad news


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