Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Word on The State of FW

Today's word will provide an in-depth analysis of the successes and failures of the Factional Warfare changes in the Inferno expansion. A couple weeks in, we're beginning to see some significant trends forming, and I'll be providing an analysis of several of them. I'll provide a list a pros an cons, and there will be an interview with CSM member Hans Jagerblitzen, for his personal thoughts.


Nah, fuck that...

I've been involved in a LOT of discussion about FW lately, and I'm ready to just sit back and play the game. Time to do what I can with the current landscape we've got to work with. What a concept, eh?

So, on that note I will leave you with a story I wrote last night in local with my alt for Muad 'dib.

Corax Lorn > so this one time
Corax Lorn > there was a frog
Corax Lorn > and he sat on a log
Corax Lorn > but he was like "fuck this shit, I'm tired of sitting on this log in a bog"
Corax Lorn > so he jumped off the log and swam through the bog

Corax Lorn > and came out on a road
Corax Lorn > it was a narrow dirt road through the woods
Corax Lorn > and he began to hop across

Corax Lorn > and then he got run over by a bus full of chinese tourists
Corax Lorn > the end

Muad 'dib > whats the morral
Corax Lorn > stick to your log
Corax Lorn > and also
Corax Lorn > chinese tourists are bad news


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Word on Who Blobbed Who

I have noticed an increasing trend in the rhetoric of Factional Warfare. It is a trend of accusatory language and blind convictions of your own rightness. FW has long been home to such conversations as "you guys blobbed us," "you brought battleships to fight our battlecruisers," "we brought a fair fight and you ran," or "ecm is gay." However, more and more I seem to be finding that these arguments are becoming increasingly intense, both in the terms of the convictions of the parties on either side, and their polarization on any given issue.

But these arguments are so absurdly pointless. Is it perhaps in our nature somehow to demand that our enemies follow a certain set of conduct guidelines, while at the same time being blind to our own blatant disregard of them?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard on comms about how awesome we are, and how our enemies suck, only to switch to my friendlies tab and say "well of course we won, look how much shit we brought." It seems everyone in eve is so convinced on their own awesomeness that they cannot believe their victories are due to a simple out-massing of their foes. Moreover it seems there's a feeling, when "blobbing" an enemy, that somehow it "isn't the way we normally fight" or "this fight wasn't that important." Well the guy on the other end probably doesn't agree.

Do the Minmatar blob the Amarr? Oh my, yes. Do the Amarr blob the Minmatar? You betcha, by golly. The only difference is which foot the shiny Cinderella slipper happens to be on.

Though I am loathed to go any further into this, here's an example from the other day. I joined a mixed Minmatar gang (I had really been trying to avoid them in my little corner, due to all the scrubs in fleet) just before a BC fight was going to go down in Lamaa. We jumped into them with more or less equalish numbers (for the love of god don't quote who had what at me, I really don't care), and the Amarr immediately dropped an Archon.

So we ran like little girls. Or we executed a strategic withdrawal. Whatever.

The Minmatar might see dropping an Archon on BCs it as an asshole move that ruined a good fight.

The Amarr might see it as them only doing what we have done in the past, and us cowardly running away.

You know what I see? I see that the Amarr had a trump card and used it. We didn't have one, so we left, losing a few BCs. That's all that really needs to be said about it. Eve is real, god dammit.

It's just pointless to rage about issues that will never, ever, be resolved. You'll never see one party in the "who is a bigger blobber" debate step back and listen to a rational argument. The debate is simply one of inherent intractability. Neither side will ever convince the other, and both just end up mad at each other. I've been blobbed so many times, regardless of which militia I've been in, that I can tell you, without a doubt, that each side does it. Hell, I do it.

Lately I've taken to calling myself out in local as I'm participating in anything that could be called blobbing. In another recent fight, I was sarcastically told by the other side that I should bring more next time. I heartily agreed in local. Obviously it was true, cause I had some armor damage. Can't have that, now can we.

So here's my message: to the Amarr, to the Minmatar, to the Gallente, to the Caldari, and to anyone else in eve who has found themselves having these arguments -- get off your high horse, you're a blobber too.

So kindly shut the fuck up.


Friday, June 1, 2012

The Word on LP Whores (What would you do?)

Today's Word will present a common scenario in Factional Warfare, and ask what you would do.

The scenario:

You're in one of the four militias. It's evening in your timezone, and you take out a frigate sized ship to look for some PVP and plexes.

Your objectives are to get solo fights (because you're either a boss or a loner, or both -- a boner?) and to solo-capture offensive plexes because you want lots of LP to fund your PVP addiction.

You warp into a medium plex in an enemy system and begin to run down the timer. There are two war targets in system, both docked. You can tank the rats without any difficulty. When there is one minute left on the timer, a friendly militia member who has just come into local enters your plex and immediately burns to the timer, where he will be able receive a share of the LP payout.

This has done two things. Firstly, you are no longer solo, so those super-cool 1v1s you wanted are now out the window. But there's only a minute left anyway, so who cares, right? Unfortunately, the "friendly" is also now in a position to snag half of the LP that you just took 14 minutes out of your busy schedule to provide. The timer is ticking down. 40 seconds to go...

So here are your options:

1. Ignore him, take your 50% LP payment, and move along.

2. Ask him politely in local if he would mind letting you get the whole payout for your efforts.

3. Tell him to get the fuck out of your plex.

4. Tell him to get the fuck out of your plex -- and yellow box him.

5. Open fire (assume that you have the ability to win such a fight before the timer ends).

Before you decide, here are some considerations.

- This is not the first time you have had your LP stolen in this manner.

- He may or may not have malicious intent -- maybe he's intending to steal your LP, or maybe he thinks he's helping you.

- He is, from your point of view, a random scrub -- as in someone you don't fly with and haven't seen before, from a corp you haven't heard of.

So, what would you do? Leave your answers in comments!

Personally, I have, in one instance of this, chosen to open fire, resulting in this drama-bomb inducing killmail. In comments also please tell we if I was spot on, possibly over the line, or just a terrible person in general and I should pod myself, and why!